Introducing Oregon Endurance Mountain Biking

The ORMTB Series plans to be a series of endurance mountain bike rides. It is starting in 2013 with a single event, but plans to expand in 2014. The rides are free and very loosely organized. Our rides are legal and in compliance with USFS Special Use Rules and Regulations.

There are no fees, no prizes, but all attempts will be made to record your finish time in comparison to others. In addition your mileage will need to be kept and reported by you as a way to make sure you followed the route as much as reasonably possible. Using a GPS/Strava to track your ride is preferred, but not required. The goal is to finish these challenges and you set your own pace. A start time and route is provided here and it is up to the participant to understand the route and also have full responsibility for their navigation and well being. These are not group rides, although some people might do these as rides with friends or even other riders they meet at the start, along the route, or even before hand through the use of the ORMTB Email list.

Since these rides are grassroots and will take participants to very rugged and remote places around the state of Oregon and southern Washington, it should be understood that these are for experienced backcountry cyclists only. If you question your ability to complete such an ride, it is best that you consider another option before trying one of these. Also, maps, gps devices, water filtration units, and other back country tools are a must. Failure to bring along any of these might very well get you into trouble. Therefore it is up to you – and you alone – to ensure your safety!!

The goal of the ORMTB is to promote responsible grassroots endurance riding in Oregon, and to provide a competitive outlet for the state’s endurance riders.

So if you have interest, come on out and join us, and do your part to contribute to this grassroots effort. If you wish to improve upon the events or series, please step forward and do so. If you wish to host a new ORMTB ride or volunteer for an existing event, please contact us using our Contact page. We are always looking for new and exciting routes to add to our existing rides.

Look for more information to come, and feel free to comment and provide constructive feedback.

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