2014 Cascade Traverse

Date: Saturday, August 30, 2014
Start Time: 12:00am (Friday at midnight)
Start Location: Shevlin Park – Bend
Finish Location: Greenwaters Park – Oakridge
Distance: 100+ miles
Starting/Max/Finishing Elevation: 3,700’/6,900’/1,160′
Elevation gain/loss: 10,565’/13,160′
Max Riders: 75
Cost: FREE

Note that the 2014 Cascade Traverse has been replace with the 2014 Bend to Waldo

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Overview: This ride combines some of the greatest trails that Oregon has to offer a mountain biker. Starting in the riding mecca of Bend, Oregon on the eastern flank of the Cascade Mountain Range, it traverses some of the best trails in North America all the way across to the western slopes of the Willamette National Forest foothills, ending in arguably the best little town for all things two wheels and dirt, Oakridge**  **Paul Lacava  (read about the inspiration for this ride here)  Don’t consider this event unless you are a hard-core endurance rider with excellent navigation/map reading and wilderness skills.

Start Time: This isn’t a normal 100 mile route so you can’t take your HC100 time as your estimate. We estimate it will take 14-24 hours for most riders. There will be 14 hours of daylight 6:00a-8:00p, but only a handfull of riders will finish in under 18 hours. The most challenging part of the route – both navigationally and difficulty-wise – is the last 25 miles on the Bunchgrass trail. It’s not something you want to be stuck on in the dark when you’re tired. Some riders will decide to do it in 2 days – probably stopping around Waldo Lake.

The official start time is 12:00a Saturday (Friday night at midnight). This will make it so everybody rides 6 hours in the dark (when they’re fresh) and most riders will finish between 4:00p and 10:00p Saturday. We’ll give the 2 day’ers the option of starting at 6:00a Friday (if they want to finish Saturday with the 1 day riders, and take the Sunday shuttle back to Bend) or at 6:00a Saturday if they only have the weekend and want to do everything on their own.

Route: The route will start on Mrazek trail out of Shevlin Park.  It takes Mrazek to Farewell Trail to the Melolius-Windigo Trail to Lava Lake.  From Lava Lake it crosses the Cascade Lakes Hwy and takes gravel roads about 13 miles to Little Cultus Lake.  Then it gets back on singletrack past Lemish Lake and Charlton Lake Trail to Waldo Lake.  It takes Waldo Lake Trail south along the East side of Waldo Lake to Betty Lake trail and then Gold Lake trail down to Fuji Mountain trail before working its way over to the Bunchgrass trail into Oakridge.

Cascade Traverse Route

Cascade Traverse Route

Map: Ride with GPS route.  You can view elevation profile, switch between different map views, and export a GPX file from here.  Here are maps that you can download and print…  Thanks to Cascade Singletrack for providing the maps!

1 - Mrazek-Farewell

1 – Mrazek-Farewell

2 -Metolius-Windigo

2 -Metolius-Windigo

3 - Bachelor-Lava Lake

3 – Bachelor-Lava Lake

4 - Cascade Lakes-Waldo

4 – Cascade Lakes-Waldo

5 - Waldo-Mt Fuji

5 – Waldo-Mt Fuji

6 - Bunchgrass

6 – Bunchgrass

Cue Sheet: coming soon

Water on the Course: There are various places on the course where you can get water from streams or from lakes.  The section over Mt Fuji and the Bunchgrass trail has very limited water.  You should carry some form of water purification or filtration.

Directions to the Start: Shevlin Park is on the West side of Bend, OR

Camping: Camping is available at Waldo Lake on a first-come, first-serve basis.  There are various places to camp in Oakridge.  Camping will be available in Greenwaters Park in Oakridge on Saturday night for $10 per person.

Logistics: We will arrange for a shuttle to take a duffle bag and/or camping equipment to Oakridge for you.  If there is enough interest, we will coordinate a shuttle back from Oakridge to Bend on Sunday morning.  Cost will be $50 per person and will need to be pre-paid.  Due to lack of interest, the shuttle back to Bend will not be available in 2014.  We will help coordinate rides back to Bend with other riders as we get close to the event date.


7 Responses to 2014 Cascade Traverse

  1. Frank Gray says:

    I think I’m signed up for the Cascade Traverse but have not received a confirmation email.

  2. I have a Carbon 29 hard tail and a full suspension 26 er. Which would suit this best? I have done HC 100 twice on full suspension.

    Thank you and I look forward to the fun.

    • ormtb says:

      Hi James – it sounds like you’ve ridden a good number of the trails on the course then. As tempting as it is to go with the carbon 29’er – I think there’s a big advantage with going with a full suspension on endurance events like this. Your body just gets too beat up otherwise. I’ll post the question to Paul Lacava – who created this route and rode it initially to see what advice he has. Cheers – Mike

  3. rob says:

    hello, i’m looking to do this from oakridge to bend solo in a few weeks and was wondering what the poison oak situation along the bunchgrass section is. poison oak isn’t a deal breaker, i just need to know how many preventative measures i need to pack. thanks for posting the maps! made my planning a little easier.


    • ormtb says:

      Hi Rob, we didn’t have any issues with poison oak when we rode the route last summer (and I generally get it pretty easily). However, I suggest posting the question to the Oakridge GOATS on Facebook to get the latest info. Are you looking to do it in 1 or 2 days? I’d love to hear your ride report when you’re done! Cheers -Mike

      • rob says:

        hi mike, thanks for the info! i assume the goats would also know about trail conditions as well. hopefully it hasn’t been completely overgrown (which i hear is a problem from time to time).

        probably looking at 2-3 days; i think i’d like to do it from eugene, actually. i’ll try to do a good report and get some nice photos, i’d like to get it up on bikepacking.com as well.


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