2013 Mt Hood Endurance Classic

Date: Sunday, Sept 8, 2013
Time: 8:00a start (Sunrise: 6:40a, Sunset: 7:30p)
Start Location: Mt Hood – Surveyor’s Ridge/Dog River’s Southern Trailhead.
Distance: 50 miles (43 miles singletrack, 7 miles gravel/dirt roads)
Starting/Min/Max Elevation: 4266’/2769’/6036′
Elevation gain/loss: 8300′
Max Riders: 75
Cost: FREE

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Final Riders Update – Sept 4, 2013

FIRE ALERT As of 9/4/2013 – ALL trails and roads on the course are now OPEN! Trails are in FANTASTIC condition. Event will go on as originally planned. See everyone Sunday!

MHEC Course Teaser on Youtube

Overview: I was originally planning both a 50 mile and a 100 mile (2 laps) option for this event. However, after riding the course I decided that offering the 100 mile option for our first event was maybe biting off a bit too much. This is a VERY hard course. We will definitely do some longer/harder events next year, but this first event will just have a 50 mile option.

Route: The route starts with about 1800′ of moderate climbing over 5 miles on gravel roads before hitting the singletrack and descending 3000′ (all singletrack) over the next 9 miles. The course then climbs 2000′ over the next 7 miles followed by a killer 3 mile, 700′ descent. The remainder of the course is rolly with no major climbs/descents but still manages to climb a couple thousand feet.

Map: Ride With GPS link You can view elevation profile, switch between different map views, and export a GPX file from here.

Click on the below map for a High-Res JPG of the route that you can download and print at Kinkos for a couple of bucks.

MHEC elevation

Cue Sheet:

Water on the Course: The best place to get water on the course is at the creek crossing at mile 14.9. There is also a small stream you ride next to for a couple of miles and cross at mile 25.4 just after crossing the road, but I don’t know how much water it will have in it in early September. There is no water on the course between mile 26 and 48.

Directions to the Start: From Hood River, head 31 miles south on Hwy 35 to forest road 44 on the left. Take 44 up 3.5 miles to the Surveyor’s Ridge/Dog River trailhead on the left. More parking – continue on 44 another 200 feet past the Surveyor’s trailhead to forest road 4410 on the right. This is the start of the course. Park on any pull-out on 4410.

Camping: There are numerous campgrounds in the area – Routson, Sherwood, and Nottinham on Hwy 35 on the way up to forest road 44, and Eightmile crossing camp and Fifteenmile camp up on or close to the camp. Fifteenmile camp only has 5 spots, but this would be an awesome place for family to hang out on the course where they could see you come by at mile 10 and mile 20.


7 Responses to 2013 Mt Hood Endurance Classic

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  2. Tom Kosmalski says:

    Still planning the out and back on Surveyor’s Ridge? Just seems like asking for BIG trouble. Why not come back up Road 17? Not as cool, but much safer. The rest of the course absolutely rocks! Thanks, Tom

    • ormtb says:

      Tom – This is a good suggestion to go up Road 17. Unfortunately, right now Road 17 is closed due to the Government Flats Complex Fire. I will post 2 maps – one that we can use if Road 17 opens and another if it stays closed. I’ll monitor the closure of Road 17 and make a decision on which route to use later in the week. Regardless of whether we go out and back on Surveyors, riders will need to be VERY CAREFUL and ride any blind corner with EXTEME CAUTION. The course isn’t closed so other riders could very likely be on Surveyors going up while we are going down. I hope to see you next Sunday either way!
      Mike Sheppard

  3. Tom Kosmalski says:

    Mike – Road 17 is open as of today, 9/4, but 1720 remains closed: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/mthood/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5191108. I’m looking forward to possibly revisiting our Capitol Forest battle of 2011! Tom

  4. ormtb says:

    Thanks for the update Tom. I had people coming at me in favor of both routes. In the end, there just wasn’t enough time to make the change to FSR 17. We’ll keep the route going both ways on Surveyor’s Ridge this year and people will just have to be VERY AWARE of that and ride with EXTREME CAUTION. Next year’s route will be even bigger and people will be thankful for a road section. 🙂 I really hope you make it Sunday. I tried really hard to track you down to let you know about this event. You’re a tough guy to reach! Unfortunately I’m just going to be filming and documenting the event this weekend and hoping you guys let me use my last pre-ride time as my official time. 🙂 Cheers – Mike

  5. Tom Kosmalski says:

    Mike-Thanks for the reply. Have a great event, and I’ll see you next year. kosmo@gorge.net if you want to get in touch after your busy weekend. Tom

  6. John Weathers says:

    Great event Mike! I love the format and the route worked out great. Can’t wait to see the ride videos!

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